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At trivago, providing hotel information and the best rates to our users has been our focus for the last ten years, and it’s still our focus today. Hotels and booking sites should be easily found and compete online through opportunities to advertise their rates and promote their content on trivago’s marketplace.

We have dedicated sales teams that provide tailored advice to booking sites, hotel chains and independent hotels. They maintain ongoing relationships with advertisers to better understand their needs and objectives.

We believe that the number of travelers accessing our websites and apps makes us an important marketing channel for our advertisers.

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Our Business Model

Independent hotel search platforms have gained a prominent role in the hotel booking value chain as a tool enabling users to simultaneously navigate through the multiple options available and compare their prices. This helps bring fragmented travel information to one place, allowing users to make informed decisions about quality and price.

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For Online Travel Agencies

Not only are we focused on reshaping the way travelers search for hotels, we also aim to enable hotel advertisers to grow their businesses.

With search sites being the starting point for many travelers, trivago can boost your presence on a global scale, and can also provide you with access to several potential new customers.

You’ll receive quality traffic and can determine the value of your traffic yourself, with full control over your campaign down to each individual hotel. Our transparent model makes it easy for you to evaluate and optimize the performance of your campaign on a daily basis.

Our technical team ensures a smooth integration and provides ongoing support, while our dedicated account managers support you and your campaign by providing guidance on additional tools and features, as well as sharing valuable insights to help you achieve optimal results.

If you’re interested in advertising on trivago, contact us using the form below.

Direct Connect for Hotels

trivago Hotel Manager Direct Connect does exactly what the name suggests. It enables guests to connect directly with you. Using our CPC model, we enable hotels to publish their own website rates directly on their profiles.

You will have access to our customized campaign tools to adjust your CPCs according to your budget and performance and to make them competitive with other advertisers. You’ll also be supported by our team along the way to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns.

From large hotel chains to independently owned and operated hotels, trivago offers a range of Direct Connect solutions, no matter your technical or resource ability.

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