July News Flash: Music Cities on the Cheap and Southwest Savings

July 1, 2017

Where to go this month?

Save Big in the Southwest

Unphased by the heat? Then stay in the kitchen…the Southwest, that is. Desert temperatures might be high, but hotel prices in the land of the sun are quite cool. Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson are all well-over 50% cheaper this July and August. If Arizona ain’t your thing, then southern Cali might be, with similar price drops. Indio (home to Joshua Tree and one of our “Trending Destinations” of 2017) and glitzy neighbor Palm Springs see hotel prices 44% cheaper this July and August.

Music Cities on the Cheap

While the country dances their way to Lollapalooza or any of the other dozen of music festivals this summer, some “music cities” are having some sales of their own. The Big Easy is 35% cheaper this August. Austin and Nashville, The Music City, are both seeing hotel prices 25% cheaper through the summer. Those looking for a bit more “nerd” with their music should head to the college towns of Tucson, AZ or Athens, GA, where prices are dropping by 42% and 20%, respectively.

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