May News Flash: Summer Travel Trends, “Under the Radar” Destinations, and Mother’s Day Migrations

May 1, 2017

Where to go this month?

YOLO along the Yucatan

Just months before the summer rush and soon after the wintertime sun seekers, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is the affordable place to be this May, with hotel prices over 20-percent less than during the pricey winter and summer months. Cancun is always the “place to be,” for both travelers and locals. Tulum is basically “the Williamsburg of Mexico.” And Cozumel punches well-above its cruise port reputation. With dazzling reefs and sparkling sands, this is a destination where adventurous travelers can attack the island’s ruggedness or beach-bums can perfect their tans.

For Purple Mountain Majesties

With the snow gone and the snowboarders back in Cali for surf season, Colorado’s mountain resorts are not only empty, but they’re finally affordable. If you think there’s nothing to do at a mountain resort in May? Well, you’re dead wrong because these resorts become a hiker and outdoor lover’s paradise.

Prices in Vail, Telluride, and Breckenridge are around the lowest they’ll be all year. We’re seeing hotel accommodations well-over 50-percent cheaper than they are during peak ski season. And it’s beautiful.

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Travel Tracker

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On our Radar

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Featured Image courtesy of Flickr / Grand Velas Riviera Maya

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