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1 Year Remote

Mar 16, 2021 | All Company Blog

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Hybrid 2.0: Journey To Our New Hybrid Work Model

Dear trivago team,

Today is a special anniversary: it has been exactly a year since the pandemic forced us into a full remote setup.

Looking back at this challenging year from a business and organizational perspective, it has gone better than expected. Why? Thanks to your commitment and efforts – despite the challenging times we’ve been through as individuals and as a company.

Crises always reveal the nature of things and the coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

  • In less than a week, we successfully switched to an unfamiliar set-up and came up with a new recovery strategy. We proved again that, it is in our company DNA to quickly react and to adapt to new situations.
  • We behaved like true entrepreneurs and did not stand paralyzed. Rather the opposite. We kicked off major projects that we think will reap significant benefits in the months to come. To name some: Discover, net CPA, our new brand strategy and many more!
  • We are entrepreneurs but also fanatic learners. We made the most out of this situation, gathered invaluable learnings to shape our future hybrid work environment that we will hopefully implement in the second half of this year.

Now, the timeline for a travel recovery becomes more certain as governments announce the ease of the restrictions and are ramping up vaccinations. Recent use cases show that countries that are further ahead in their vaccination programs (I’ve already mentioned Israel or the UK) showed a significant increase in travel activities. While there are still some uncertainties around the recovery due to the variants, the different governmental measures and the speed of the vaccination rollout, we believe it is likely that travel demand will start to pick up by Q3 2021 and will be rather domestic.

We are on the homestretch before the restart, the moment we’ve been waiting for since the pandemic froze the industry one year ago. With the weekend.com teams joining the journey, we believe that trivago is well placed for success. We are working on creating an even more relevant and powerful product and are planning to release our new marketing creatives that our teams have been working full steam on.



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