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Spring Update: Data Shows Travel Is Up As COVID-19 Cases Go Down

Apr 12, 2022 | All Press Releases, Industry

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Spring Update: Data Shows Travel Is Up As COVID-19 Cases Go Down

Travelers are Craving City Getaways and Longer Stays this April

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – April 12, 2022 – As the world sees a decrease in COVID cases, travel interest and eagerness to getaway is increasing substantially. According to new data released by trivago N.V. (NASDAQ: TRVG), a leading global accommodation search platform, this spring season global travelers are seeking fun-filled and city-centric getaways and are willing to pay.

Longer Stays Are Here, Again

Veering away from shorter stays seen at the beginning of the year, likely due to pandemic uncertainties, spring data shows travelers are now seeking holidays lasting more than a few days. The US shows the highest increase, with a 34% jump in length of stay. Travelers are looking to stay and enjoy five to six days, versus heading back to their everyday lives after a quick weekend away. France shows the second-highest relative increase.

With these data trends, there is a clearer desire for travelers to spend time abroad, particularly over Easter and Spring Break. Cities like Paris and London appeared in the top 10 lists for all locales studied, as well as Barcelona and Amsterdam for those outside of the US.

Eyes on Entertainment

Travelers’ are yearning for adventure, greater experiences, and a whole lot of magic. Las Vegas is currently the top destination in the US, leading in search data month over month in 2022 and much of 2021. Anaheim, California, home of the Disneyland Resort, rose 7 positions, now ranking as #8 on the US top travel destination list. Magny le Hongre, near Disneyland Paris theme park, gained 12 positions in desired travel destination in 2022 compared to 2019 in France.

Prices are Peaking

Out of all locales, the US shows the highest relative increase in average price per night. In the US, the average price per night went from around $120 in 2019 to $200 in 2022. UK shows the second highest relative increase for price per night.

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About trivago

trivago is a leading global hotel search platform focused on reshaping the way travelers search for and compare hotels and alternative accommodations. Incorporated in 2005 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the platform allows travelers to make informed decisions by personalizing their hotel search and providing them access to a deep supply of hotel information and prices. trivago enables its advertisers to grow their businesses by providing access to a broad audience of travelers via its websites and apps.

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