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trivago Summer Trends: Travelers Eager to Escape Despite Rising Prices

Jun 22, 2022 | Travel Trends, All Company Blog

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trivago Summer Trends: Travelers Eager to Escape Despite Rising Prices

83% of travelers believe 2022 will be their best summer yet, according to a recent consumer survey we ran in the UK and US. Now with rising inflation and job shortages triggering an increase in hotel prices above pre-pandemic levels, one might wonder if this still rings true? We believe so. According to our study, 64% of travelers are willing to spend more and 63% are planning on organizing a bucket list trip sooner than planned as a direct result of the pandemic. Consumers across all income brackets are prioritizing summer trips and rather cutting spending elsewhere. As our CEO Axel said in a recent interview with WSJ:
“There’s a significant number of trips that are just necessary because you otherwise would go crazy, or your kids go crazy, or both.”

It comes as no surprise that we’re all eager to escape the cabin fever of our home cities this summer and staycations just won’t cut it anymore. So, where do we see our travelers heading to this summer, how long as they going away for and how much is it costing?

Global Trends


Top Destinations

London is the global top #1 destination this summer when considering all searches across all of our platforms! Other trending destinations that also appear on our biggest markets’ top 10 lists include Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Istanbul and Barcelona. City travel is seeing a strong rebound this summer, with destinations focused on entertainment and beaches populating many markets’ top 10 lists. While intercontinental travel has not fully recovered, there are definitely signs of increased confidence as travelers head further away from home, for example when looking at UK travelers’s destination choices.

global summer trends

Price increases

This time last year the main concern on travelers minds were Covid-19 restrictions and the risk of getting infected before or during their holidays. This year, inflation and consequent rising hotel prices mean that financial concerns are trumping health and safety worries. Our recent consumer surveys in the US and UK revealed that half of the surveyed travelers are more concerned about their bookings getting cancelled and consequently losing their money than about catching Covid-19 or travel restrictions. Our global top-10 destinations list reveals an average price increase of 17% compared to 2019, with Dubai, Istanbul and Las Vegas seeing the steepest increases overall. Both Dubai and Las Vegas have appeared on several of our top-10 lists per market so far this year despite this price hike making it much more expensive to travel there.

rising hotel prices 2022

Trends by Market



This summer, Brits are traveling across the globe except for the Royal Jubilee that keeps them in the capital. London made up more than 50% of searches out of the total searches for the top 10 destinations in the UK for the Jubilee long weekend. When looking abroad, Dubai is UK travelers’ top international destination for this summer, followed by Paris and Barcelona. Four out of ten international destinations are non-European cities: Dubai, Istanbul, New York and Las Vegas.

Length of stay and booking windows

Brits started booking their summer trips about 5 months in advance and are booking longer stays when going abroad (they’re spending a full week Dubai for example) and for beach holidays, like in Portugal, Spain and Turkey. City trips are rather around 4 days and they also like the alternative of local long weekends for a quick escape from their home cities (eg. a 3 day trip to Edinburgh, Brighton or York).



Destination trends

US travelers are prioritizing fun and the beach this summer and 4th of July! Las Vegas is their favorite domestic destination, Orlando the third and Anaheim (home of Disneyland) the 7th. If they’re not on a roller coaster or hitting a casino, US travelers are hitting beach this summer! Myrtle Beach, Miami Beach, Honolulu, Panama City Beach & Ocean City all made it to their top 10 destinations. They’re also heading to the Mexican seaside: Cancun is their preferred international destination for the summer and Playa del Carmen is #9 on their list. Only a few European main cities made it to their top 10 non-US summer destinations: London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Amsterdam.

Length of stay and booking windows

US travelers started booking their summer trips about 3 months in advance, 2 months later than UK travelers. On average they’re booking 5-day stays to their top destinations, whereas their beach trips to Mexico and Hawaii are usually a week long.



Destination trends

German travelers are keeping it more local this summer by sticking to mostly European travel with a few exceptions being New York, Dubai and Las Vegas. Neighbouring countries like France, Netherlands and Austria’s capitals are popular city trip destinations and it comes at no surprise that many are heading to Spain to seek some sun and tapas this summer.

Length of stay and booking windows

Ever the eager planners, Germans are booking their summer holidays on average 4 months in advance. These trips aren’t just for short weekends away – on average they’re actually planning on going away for a full week, especially where beach destinations are concerned. For city trips they’re rather planning extended weekend trips across Europe.

Cheaper Destinations To Help You Save This Summer

Forgot to book your trip to the most popular summer destinations but still eager to book a trip to the beach this season? We’ve got you sorted. We’re sharing our list of underrated destinations that are perfect for enjoying the summer season at the beach while avoiding the crowds and hiked prices that top destinations often suffer from!
Cheaper summer destinations

Although hotel prices and inflation are higher than it’s been in years, travelers seem determined to not let this put a damper on their summer plans as many booked their trips a month in advance and are eager for an escape after two years of uncertainty. While city trips are making a comeback and dominate many of our top-10 lists, many travelers are also planning to spend their well-earned holidays at the beach with relaxation at the top of their mind, as our consumer surveys also confirmed earlier this year. Many are willing to pay more than they were before the pandemic, but will this remain true as inflation continues to rise? That remains to be seen. Wherever you’re headed this summer season, we hope this will be your best one yet!

If you have any questions on the data above or you’re interested in data from other markets, please reach out.

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Search period: 1st Nov 2021 – 30th Apr 2022 US summer travel period: 1st May 2022 – 15th Sep 2022 UK peak summer travel period: 23 July – 31 August 2022 DE summer travel period: 1 May 2022 – 15 September 2022
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