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trivago unveils the 2023 Travel Advice Calendar

Mar 16, 2023 | Inspire Travel

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trivago’s Travel Advice Calendar illustrates the cheapest months to book a hotel in selected cities worldwide. Based on trivago’s 2022 exclusive hotel price data, the calendar shows the average monthly lodging price evolution in the 50 most popular destinations worldwide. The trivago’s Travel Advice Calendar allows travelers to know the months when travel to a destination is cheapest. It helps plan your next trip and… save money!


“New York, New York”... Are you dreaming of waking up in the city that does not sleep, but you are traveling on a budget? According to our Travel Advice Calendar, you should head to the Big Apple in January, February, or May to get the lowest hotel prices.

Are you more West Coast? Los Angeles is a great option but avoid staying in the main California city in February, July, and August!

Latin America

From the vibrant Rio de Janeiro, the Argentine Tango dance to the white sand beaches in Cancun… Latin America offers many opportunities to celebrate and disconnect! Consider heading to the most beautiful beaches in Mexico during the first half of the year to get cheaper prices. Hotel rates in Rio will definitely go up in February when the famous Carnival moves the whole city.  


You want to organize a European Grand Tour“? The first quarter of the year would be the cheapest time to visit the Old Continent while Summer is the most expensive season. Note that German hotels are particularly pricey in December because of the famous Christmas Markets, attracting millions of tourists worldwide.

Cheapest time to travel to Paris


Japan reopened in October 2022 after over two years of travel restrictions. Many tourists are planning to visit the country. The cheapest time to go is definitely not in March, April, and May, during Japan’s national Holidays and the Cherry Blossom Festival. Prefer visiting the Land of the Rising Sun in July, August, and September to get cheaper hotel prices and book a lovely Ryokan, the traditional Japanese inn!
K-pop has become a global trend and many travelers are heading to its country of birth: South Korea. June, September, and October are the cheapest months to experience the vibrant capital Seoul and enjoy its groove.
About the data Based on trivago’s 2022 exclusive hotel price data, the hotel price comparison chart shows the average monthly price evolution over the course of one year. The average price of each month is assigned to a sliding scale, in order to show the annual trend.
For more accuracy, the monthly average price takes into account searches done 3 months before the arrival month.