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trivago’s Diversity and Inclusion Report 2023

Jun 19, 2023 | All Company Blog, People and Culture

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We are All-Inclusive: a review of our progress

One year ago, we shared our Diversity and Inclusion approach and status quo and our objectives to reach a gender balance of 40%-60% among trivago’s team leads and a minimum 30% female talents across tech teams by end 2024. 
Today, we are proud to share that we have made progress towards these objectives reaching 35,2% women in leadership (+8,3 pp. YoY) and 28,3% women in TECH (+2,1 pp. YoY) as of January 1st, 2023. 
Over the last year, we also focused on the first pillar of our approach “cultivate an inclusive mindset” by raising awareness on our status quo at different levels in the organization. Through events, trainings, and activities, various diversity dimensions have been addressed all year long. This has also been essential to progress on our objectives and towards our aspiration to create a more inclusive environment for all. 

The overall representation at trivago as of 01.01.2023 is as follows (click through to see all dimensions):  

Progress on our objectives 

Based on the observation that the share of female leads and tech talents was only 25% in 2021, we’ve decided to prioritize gender diversity. We first took action by getting a better understanding of the reasons for this distribution. Moving on, we set ourselves goals and worked towards them through different initiatives. 

Our progress is due to an approach including different key actors: trivago talents, Talents & Culture (our HR team), and external partners who share similar goals. 

Talent groups: F.A.M.E and Women & Allies

F.A.M.E is a team of around 15 volunteer Female Ambassadors and Mentors in Engineering from trivago. F.A.M.E was formed in April 2022 with the mission to establish a group of female role models for the IT engineering profession. Since the foundation of F.A.M.E, our colleagues have been active in various conferences, panels, talks or through online articles. To learn more, check out this article on our Tech blog.

In June 2022, we relaunched our Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to gender equality thanks to a group of highly motivated colleagues. Over the course of the year, the group has organized various “Lunch & Learn” sessions, workshops, panels and networking activities. Learn more about Women & Allies in this LifeAttrivago article.  

More inclusive processes

Our internal processes and practices highly contribute to the experience each of us has in the organization. Our objective is to provide equal opportunities by implementing new formats through a Diversity & Inclusion lens but also by continuously improving those that already exists. While our initial focus is on the gender dimension, improvements help us create overall fairer practices and benefit everyone.
As a few examples: 
    • We have reviewed and standardized our job ad templates making sure they are appealing to diverse candidates. 
    • We have continued training our leads about unconscious bias and included further reminders in all our processes from recruiting to salary decisions, including performance management. 
    • We introduced Likeminded for all talents as a resource to support growth, development and care for mental well-being. Likeminded offers sessions taking into account or specifically for different identities and belongings.
    • We also developed further as a family-friendly employer as this is a key enabler of gender equality.  More about benefits for parents can be found here

Partnerships for more diversity in TECH

Over the last year, we have had the chance work with partners that share the same goals. As we know, we cannot do it all alone. 

  • Chelsea Foundation:  through our partnership with Chelsea, 8 trivago mentors recently took part in our co-created Empower Female Mentoring Programme.  
  • Digital Career Institute: trivago talents regularly give talks and industry lectures to aspiring TECH talents with diverse backgrounds. 
  • Ironhack: we’ve partnered with Ironhack to offer around 15 scholarships in Web Development, UX/UI, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity.  
  • Girls’ Day: in partnership with Hacker School, we have hosted Girls’ Day in April this year during which teenager girls learned to code and about career paths in TECH and discovered our offices.

Cultivating an inclusive mindset

To cultivate an inclusive mindset, we believe that connecting with each other, raising awareness and education are key. In 2022, we ramped up activities on this first pillar of our strategy. It was important for us to talk more about Diversity & Inclusion and to experience it.

Clear positioning through our D&I report

First things first, our annual D&I report established since last year as the reference for transparency about our status quo, goals and initiatives in the organization. It is also important for us to share externally our progress by communicating regularly about our activities on our social media channels. This creates accountability for all stakeholders. 

Guest speakers on diverse topics

We like to hear about different perspectives and had the chance to welcome guest speakers who broadened our knowledge. 
  • Brenda Romero took us back in time to tell us about the hidden histories of women in the tech industry and shared her perspectives and experiences in an inspiring talk. 
  • Albert Kehrer, co-founder & managing director of the PROUT AT WORK-Foundation, held an interactive awareness session explaining what it means to be LGBT*IQ at work and how all of us can contribute to a workplace that is inclusive for everybody.
  • Ursula Schemm, marketing manager and Marc Ristau, senior consultant at Auticon, an IT-consultancy employing talents in the autism spectrum, held a session for us on understanding autism and neurodivergence in the workplace. We also partnered with Auticon this year on diverse projects. 
This year, we were honored to welcome Linsey Addario as our first MeetYourIdol speaker at the occasion of International Women’s Day. 

We celebrated and strengthened our internal communities

As the pandemic situation relaxed in 2022, we have been able to gather again and come together at different important occasions. 
As a few example: 
  • We celebrated Eid Al-Fitr together with a delicious specialties buffet.
  • We went back on the street last summer to march in support of the LGBTQ+ community in Düsseldorf. 
  • A wonderful Diwali celebration was held by our colleagues which enabled everyone to experience the tradition through different activities. 
  • This year, we have already celebrated Karneval, Maslenitsa, Barba Marta, Saint Patrick’s Day, Eid-al-Fitr and Cinco de Mayo.
We are thrilled to see that to see that our efforts of the past years are having an impact and we look forward to continue making further progress and creating an even more inclusive work environment. Stay tuned on our social media channels for regular updates. 
By Laureen Roesch-Ahrens, D&I specialist at trivago