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trivago Releases Travel Trends and Predictions for 2024, Reveals Major Experiences Drive Consumer Travel Bug

Dec 11, 2023 | All Press Releases, Industry

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trivago Releases Travel Trends and Predictions for 2024, Reveals Major Experiences Drive Consumer Travel Bug

  • From the Olympics to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, findings show major events will have a major impact on travel in the New Year
  • Las Vegas claims the spot for the top travel destination for 2024
  • US travelers should book on Fridays and Saturdays, and avoid booking on Tuesdays, for the best deals

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANYDecember 11, 2023 – Leading hotel price comparison website, trivago, today released its travel trends and predictions for 2024. With significant events coming up in the new year, such as the Olympic games and record-breaking global concert tours, consumers can expect to see rising prices in some of the top event destinations in 2024. However, higher rates  aren’t deterring travelers as destinations such as London, Rome, and Tokyo are gaining popularity.

2024 Trends to Watch

The impact of global warming, underscored by unprecedented 2023 heatwaves in Europe, may influence destination choices in the New Year, with travelers favoring cooler countries and prompting hotels to consider robust AC systems for guest comfort. This coupled by a heightened focus on sustainability by travelers, and a preference for local travel, has led to the selection of closer destinations to reduce CO2 emissions and save costs.

More than just a New Years’ Resolution, travelers will be looking for more “me-time” in the New Year, with wellness tourism showing an anticipated 21% annual growth rate until 2025, reflecting an evolution in traveler values with an increased emphasis on nature, sustainability, and mental wellness. trivago expects to see an increase in demand for Spa hotels, while hotels, in general, could seize the opportunity to offer wellness activities like yoga courses, massages, and meditation sessions.

All Eyes on the 2024 Games

Data from trivago shows that there’s a spike in interest for Paris during the time period the Olympic games are taking place (July 26, 2024 – August 11, 2024). The average price for a standard two-bedroom hotel room is up 126% at $503 USD, compared to the same travel period in 2023 ($222 USD), and the average hotel price on the day of the opening ceremony is $535 USD, an increase of over 200% YoY.

But that’s not the only event driving hotel prices in the new year. In 2023, hotel prices skyrocketed during Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour, with surges of 155% in Cardiff and 63% in Edinburgh. We can expect the similar impact from  Taylor Swift’s international ‘The Eras Tour’, as well as for UEFA’s Euro Cup in Germany.

The impact of ‘The Eras Tour’ on hotel prices is already palpable. In Edinburgh, the current average price per night is £366, three times higher compared to last year. In Liverpool and Cardiff, on the dates of Taylor Swift’s tour, hotel prices per night average at £200 and £277 respectively, both 170% more expensive compared to 2022.

Hotel prices skyrocketed during Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour in 2023, and sport and entertainment fans’ commitment to invest in travel for events is going to continue to rise in the new year.

Those looking to stay in London during ‘The Eras Tour’ should book their hotels sooner rather than later. trivago is already seeing sky-high prices, and we can expect these to continue to increase as we get closer to the concert dates. With still over six months to go, in London, hotel prices in June have already increased by 46% compared to last year, and by 25% in August compared to 2022.

2024 Top Destinations

Travelers from the United States are heading to Europe in 2024, with destinations like London, Paris and Rome rising in popularity compared to last year. Top destinations for US travelers in 2024 include:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. New York, New York
  3. Cancún, Mexico
  4. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  5. Orlando, Florida
  6. Honolulu, Hawaii
  7. Playa Bávaro, Dominican Republic
  8. London, England
  9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  10. Rome, Italy

Globally, Tokyo and Osaka are gaining popularity in 2024, confirming Japan’s growing popularity. “We’re seeing a huge interest in travel to Japan as a result of ‘revenge travel’ following the delayed lifting of COVID-era border restrictions in the area,” said Johannes Thomas, CEO of trivago. “In the new year we’ll see travelers paying more to visit most of the top destinations, and significantly more for those Japanese destinations compared to last year.”

Best Times to Book

Data from trivago shows that US travelers looking for the greatest savings when booking their trips should aim to book on Fridays and Saturdays, and avoid booking on Tuesdays for the best deals. Additionally, early bookers will always have more options as accommodation availability is often higher, but travelers should always keep an eye on last-minute offers that will, on average, be much cheaper.

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