Human Learners

The secret behind trivago's atypical success is not only attributed to our focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, but also to a company culture built on human learning and emotional intelligence. This balance continues to attract the best talents from every corner of the globe.

“In the beginning, we were not entirely sure what direction we wanted to drive the business model, but we were very sure what kind of company we would like to run.”

Rolf Schrömgens
CEO and Founder of trivago

Our team of creative and driven entrepreneurs come together to build a hotel search that is fast, intuitive and unbiased, with the longstanding mission…

To be the traveler’s first and independent source of information for finding the ideal hotel.

We enable all our advertisers, from independent hoteliers to the largest hotel chains, to grow their businesses by accessing our broad audience of monthly users.

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Our Culture

Our Culture

At trivago, we don’t just embrace change, we make change. In such a rapidly evolving technological environment, we know that our competitive advantage is the speed of our learning. We believe our entrepreneurial vision, modern organizational structure and self-determined working hours keep our talents happy, motivated, productive and looking forward to coming to work each morning.

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Our Search

Our Search

Anyone can access trivago’s fast and intuitive search, comparing over 1.8 million hotels from 180+ Online Travel Agents worldwide. Our hotel information, pictures, ratings, reviews, filters and other features are all available to help our users find their ideal hotel.

Our Hoteliers and Advertisers

Whether you are an online travel agency, a hotel chain or an independent hotel, trivago has a range of marketing tools and services to help your business to learn, grow and be competitive in our online marketplace. From improving your hotel profile to referring quality traffic to your booking site, we have you covered.

Our Tech

Data is central to the success of our business. AI is all the rage these days, but developing machine learning systems has been our focus for over a decade. We regularly test and refine elements of our platform, advertising, HR, you name it. Our incremental enhancements over time are reflected in our user experience. Developing our own software internally is something we also do, to empower not only for our search, but our internal management as well, with analytics and advertiser tools. We are focused on developing game-changing innovation to better both ourselves and the industry.

Our Marketing

Over 50% of our traffic comes from branded sources. We believe that building and maintaining the trivago brand will contribute to long-term success with loyal users and advertisers. We use our own tools and processes to measure and improve our performance from start to finish, whether it be pre-testing a creative or optimizing spend.

Our Locations

Since trivago began, our Headquarters have been in Düsseldorf, Germany. We recently moved into our brand new campus in the city's Media Harbour, so that's not changing anytime soon! We've also established a number of innovation centers across Europe, to scale our recruiting and give us more capacity to attract the best tech talents.


Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf is consistently voted in the top 10 most livable cities in the world and is known as the art capital of West Germany, with over 100 galleries, 26 museums and cutting-edge architecture. The city also boasts a rapidly growing tech and startup scene. Our brand new campus in the city’s thriving Media Harbour is currently home to 1200+ talents, but has the potential to host up to 3000!



Innovation Center

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Situated deep in the heart of the Mediterranean, our Palma office is perfect for those developers of a sunny disposition, who like to work on their tan while they work on their code. One moment you’re preoccupied with PHP and Python and the next you’re having tapas and cocktails with an ocean view.

Innovation Center

Leipzig, Germany

Our Leipzig office is a tech hub where our international team works on innovative products and services that make marketing simple, boost bookings and enhance the guest experience for our partners in the hospitality space. Located in the fastest-growing and most livable city in Germany, it’s the perfect choice for techies, culture vultures and history buffs alike!

Innovation Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our cool next-door neighbours in the city of bikes and canals are an innovative team, focused on breaking the existing boundaries of Machine Learning on a previously unseen scale, both in trivago and arguably Europe. Besides trailblazing talents, this trivago office also has a sought-after location in the very heart of the Dutch capital with a plethora of iconic attractions and pretty canal-side cafés within walking distance.