Job Families

As the make-up of our teams can change at a moments notice, we don't keep our talents in boxes. We moved to "Job families" to ensure our individuals' identity and independence remain intact.

Almost all decisions at trivago are backed up by power of proof. Without data, you are just another person with an opinion. Agree?

7 positions Analytics Positions

Customer Care
Our users make us incredibly happy. It is only fair we return the compliment.

2 positions Customer Care Positions

Data Science
With up to 9 petabytes of data, it’s no surprise we need support in managing our excel sheets.

8 positions Data Science Positions

Design at trivago goes beyond the visual, we create experiences that better expectations. Are you driven by the need to exceed?

4 positions Design Positions

Job Families
Job Families

Finance & Legal
Do you like to operate at the business end of things? We need people to make sure we stay out of trouble and in the black.

6 positions Finance & Legal Positions

IT Operations & Support
The mediators between mammal and machine. On a really good day, we don’t even know this family exists.

1 positions IT Operations & Support Positions

Media & Marketing
We’re proud of what we do at trivago, and we want to share it with the world. This is where you come in.

2 positions Media & Marketing Positions

People are probably trivago’s most important assets, at least until the robots take control. Until that day comes, our emotional beings need nurturing.

4 positions People Positions

Job Families

Product Development
Every month, over 120 million users will rely on you to create and maintain the highest quality website possible. No pressure.

2 positions Product Development Positions

Project Management
Who on earth is going to manage the projects of 1000+ entrepreneurs? You?

5 positions Project Management Positions

Sales & Accounts
We want to foster the best relationships with advertisers, whatever it takes. Do you go the extra mile?

17 positions Sales & Accounts Positions

Software Engineering
We love tech, and we ain’t afraid to use it. We turn ideas into reality, and then work like hell to keep them running.

14 positions Software Engineering Positions

trivago Hotel Relations GmbH
Hotel Relations is an independent company, focused on selling innovative tech products to accelerate trivago’s direct business and make hoteliers more successful.

13 positions trivago Hotel Relations GmbH Positions