Display Ads on trivago

As one of the world’s leading platforms in hotel and accommodation search, trivago is reshaping the way travelers search for and compare different accommodation types.

Our comprehensive database and personalized results help users make more informed decisions and find the ideal deal for their needs. We connect you to highly motivated travelers, who have already proactively expressed interest via our platform.

With more than 95 million unique monthly visitors*, an average of 70% viewability, and our variety of premium targeting options that allow you to attract relevant traffic, Display Ads are a great way to raise awareness and promote USPs to our audience.

These branded messages, that appear across trivago, can be used to showcase your brand to our users, increase awareness, or even highlight more specific messaging such as special offers.

Visually presenting commercial messaging using text, animations, photos, or other graphics, is a very effective way of encouraging users to click through to your landing page and take action.

You can see an example of how Display Ads may appear on trivago below.

If you are interested in advertising on trivago, please email us at advertising@trivago.com

*pre-pandemic data.