Our Culture And Values

We’re a pretty diverse bunch, but our culture is our common ground ─ it allows us to feel comfortable, despite different backgrounds. Mix that with our entrepreneurial vision, agile structure and self-determined working hours and you’ve got the winning recipe to keeping our talents motivated, productive and happy to come to work each morning.

Our Culture

We know people are the most productive when they are doing things their own way, so we don’t tell anyone what to do. Rather, we hire the most curious and passionate people, and follow their lead. 

There is no right or wrong way of doing things at trivago, but there are usually better ways. We only find those improvements by trial and error, and so we exist in a liquid, adaptable environment. We value diversity and authenticity, as we believe the more independent perspectives you can gain on a subject, the more accurate the conclusion will be.

Collectively, we test, we track, we fail, we learn, and we try better. It is kind of like machine learning, just done by humans. This unique culture built on human learning and emotional intelligence is what truly sets us apart ─ we live it and shape it every day with our actions and decisions.

At the core of this culture are our values that define how we work, interact, exchange and communicate with one another on a daily basis.

Our Core Values

Whether it’s an interview with a potential candidate, a new project we’re tackling, regular peer evaluations or a company event, our values are at the core of everything we do. We broke it down into 6 qualities that we truly live by every single day.

trivago Value


Trust in one another, in our competencies and in our intentions, is the basis of all we do. We cultivate an environment in which trust can develop, so that our conversations are straightforward, honest and raw.

trivago Value


Speaking freely and in your own unique way breaks down hierarchy and social status. It also makes communication faster, leading to more fluid and reactive productivity.

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Entrepreneurial Passion

We believe there is no such thing as a bad idea, and everyone at trivago should pitch theirs. Company-wide, our days are spent conceptualizing, building, testing, analysing, iterating and scaling.

trivago Value

Power of Proof

We try to base all of our decisions on data. By placing proof above reputation, everyone has an equal opportunity to make a big impact.

trivago Value

Unwavering Focus

In a world of endless possibilities, we prioritize completion over perfection. We focus our energy into what adds the most value, and then commit to it end-to-end.

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Fanatic Learning

In today’s landscape, it is not about what you know, but how you learn. We believe if you stand still you get left behind, which is why we constantly change perspectives.

Fanatic Learning

We believe continuous improvement is the key to lasting success. We encourage and support all our talents in both their professional and personal development. We also offer learning opportunities for those outside of trivago, who are interested in joining us to get a taste of how we work.

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